Black Submarine "New Shores" 2013

Proudest moment? I think I laughably described this as 'psychocinematic' while struggling for a genre description. Fair enough. Technicolor, made by some beautiful hearted people, and er, me...


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Natlalie Kocab & Michaela Polakova "Ellis Island" (2016)

This is a stunning record I was invited to play on, somehow ending up on 8 tracks. Two incredible talents brought out some of my best work I feel.

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Neotropic "La Prochaine Fois" (2001)

Back in my roistering period I bumped into Riz Maslen (Neotropic) and Brian Dougans (FSOL) near Old Street and convinced them they needed me. Riz bit, Brian didn't although there are some nice FSOL pieces featuring my guitar a mere 17 years later.

This is Riz' 'road trip' record and features a great deal of my guitar work.

I took an Oberheim Echoplex and a small rack round to her flat and we built some nice things together. As such it isn't dissimilar to my solo guitar pieces.

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Twilight Singers (Greg Dulli) "Be Invited"" (2011)

Massive fan of Afghan Whigs and Greg's work in Twilight Singers (you need albums "Blackberry Belle" and "Dynamite Steps" (which includes this cut) in your life.
This track features the icy layered 'dirty ambience' thing I love to do and some faux organ parts via Roland VG99.
The magic is Greg's though.

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John Martyn "Walking Home" (2004)

I became a huge fan of John Martyn's work via my late brother Paul, who heard it while inside. When we played our"homecoming" gig in Wigan, 1997 (amusing since only Richard was from Wigan...) I requested John play an old style tape echo & Big Muff slot. Unfortunately it was a pearls before swine scenario. Yes, I said it...
Anyway. When "On the Cobbles" was being put together his record company badgered him into taking on "name guests". Why I ended up among the more salubrious company is a matter for debate, but the result is this one lovely track.
John graciously put me up for three days and mostly we sat around eating amazing food cooked by John and his partner and drinking a fair amount. I seem to remember improvising steel drum to "My Creator" in a proto Hang Drum style, but then, breakfast there was half a pint of port and brandy... Under which they got me to play "You Know, You Know" (Mahavishnu Orchestra) singing the parts to me. I was back home in Madrid before I realised the little joke...