Well known is my 20+ years as the founder guitarist, electronics, keyboardist and producer with The Verve, not so well known isBlack Submarine's "New Shores": the apex of my work in honing and directing and creating bands.

I'm available for live bookings as a solo artist in my own right. My solo work combines reflective instrumental work with experimental (lower case e) electronics.

I'm always open to collaboration. In recent years I've worked with FSOL, Emit Bloch, Greg Dulli and many more.
Some of my best work is with equally great but lesser known talents.
My forté is on the spot creation.


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Technical Consultancy

Mixing and production services offered. Reasonable rates.

Mastering: full EBU R128 compliant - or not, if you need it. Full conversant in BS.1770 related issues.

Consultancy and advice on all things technical.

Always handling the technical aspects of the Verve since inception, I'm most at home in the studio or sat in front of PureData or Csound.

I recently completed my Masters degee at Staffs University where I excelled in interactive software creation with Max MSP, attained valuable and current Mastering skills, also for surround formats, and formalised my many decades' of technical know how in order to confidently teach undergraduates the same: 2018 marks my 3rd year as visiting lecturer.

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Demystifying and sharing for the greater good has always been my M.O.
I live and breathe all tings music, I love to share with like minds.
Give me a shout if you're looking for a guest lecturer, guitar tuition, a start in Max MSP or even mentoring or musician shrinkage (it's an actual thing, ha).

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