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"Thread" - Strome (various McCabe solo material), 1999, granular processing with Max MSP

"minus" N. McCabe academic composition, Staffordshire University 2016
Shoehorns several barely compatible ideas: diffusion and spatial techniques, incorporates a 'tone row'  in reduced and in full, Csound treatment of materials and spectral derivation of musical materials.
Diffused at Stafford Theatre and captured in 5.1 via Holophone.
Two excerpts from the 'diffusion', originally broadcast live during capture over social media:

"Charteris Road" - Strome (various McCabe solo material) - from a bedroom in Kilburn, 1997, 1 x Kurzweil K2000

"Three Places" N. McCabe - electroacoustic composition, Staffordshire University 2016
Decades of piss taking for my GRM fanboyisms go towards constructive new life in academia. Everything has a purpose.
This clip features the graphic score used to diffuse and analyse this piece. It's a piece of ambient music masquerading as a hardcore Acousmatic composition.

Created with a custom built Max MSP patch (Joystick and Vbap with some self built reverb modules) and NoTAM's amazing Mammut program amongst other things.

Original diffusion performance, 2016, Noisefloor @ Staffordshire University, composed for octagonal speaker array. Binaural and 5.1 redux will be available on the academic release I'm planning.