2021 releases and intent

Thanks for all the great feedback on We are we are. Upcoming release is an excavation of old tracks titled “Sankey Brook Rat Lab NOS – ancient tracks vol 1 1997-2001”. Snappy. These tracks are obstacles – because there were a million reasons presented to me to “not to” but you know, the damage is done. I still like this stuff. So, vol 1 imminent. 

Next major obstacle is probably going out in its entirety, musically working through grief during 2012. I struggle with imagining who will want to ingest such a thing but I need to get it out. the. fucking. way. The Litter and Leaves instrumentals are part of that if that presents any incentive. Tentatively titles “Sleight of hand in the game of life”

Selections of ambient due also: beautiful (ha, I call it bathtime) ambient things almost ready to go: As above so below

Not so beautiful nightmare ambient collection: Blueberry hell

Just need sequencing.

However… Where I’d like to be is releasing all the more balanced stuff I do on a day to day basis – this year, I keep thinking, “not much doing”, but looking at the folders there’s at least a hundred pieces. I’ll put out the best stuff. 

By way of explanation for the slowness of output, I keep thinking about many tunes “this needs Amelia or Pete”, I need to stop badgering those people with the endless stream and “speak when I’m spoken to”as it were. A victim of this was an EP I had ready in Feb 2021, was ready but a conversation led to “should we?” and we almost did, but then the shelf claimed it as per. That shall get the release in between all this intro/retro -spectivity despite being superceded. Nice bunch of Nick & Pete tunes to go. “That” Pete. Just need to work out a way to account fairly without setting up a million accounts on BC, Paypal etc. Advice from veteran Bandcampers welcome.

So, generosity much appreciated on “We are are we”, please take it easy when the bottom line says “pay what you want” because i’d like to keep the stream constant. 

I’ve realised that mastering time, previously thought of as dead time (I fucking hate it, but tend to do it systematically, unlike the rest of my output, and systematically takes time) is also ISRC and GTIN time, plus the blog and content over at nickmccabe.co.uk could use many updates whilst the necessarily epic listening sessions ensue.

So, TL:DR still available for mastering services, mixing, etc.

And again, thanks so much for your support, hope you enjoy the greater variety of the releases to come.

Love and light, take care of each other,

Nick x

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