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Still sorting email out with this site. Some weird plugin malarkey means return email addresses aren’t coming through. Please copy and paste your email into the main body of yer emails until I get this sorted.
I’m a complete web design newb moron fumbling my way through it. Thanks for your patience

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  1. Hi Nick,

    such a huge fan of your work. Early verve sounds were what got me in to playing guitar and trying to do something a little different. The sonic sounds you create really seem to connect with me on some level and A Northern Soul is one of my all time favorite albums. Started listening to Black Submarine and loving the vibe. Wondered if you have any tour dates coming up? Not seeing anything on line.

    Never got to see The Verve live. Had one chance at Glastonbury 96 (I think) when you were playing but I ended up face down in a field under a high voltage pylon and missed the entire set. I blame the Welsh dudes I bumped in to the night before whilst watching The Prodigy. They had a pillow case full of shrooms 🙂

    Would love to catch you live, in whatever shape or form that might be. I’ll keep my eyes on the internet for any events.

    All the bets, Mike (

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